DNA Strategic Plan

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DNA 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities

Priority 1: Membership Growth and Engagement

Professional growth and advancements in nursing happen best when nurses are supported by collegial networks of like-minded professionals. DNA will provide value to Delaware nurses and grow the association’s membership by connecting members through online communities and meetings, committee activities, membership directory, advocacy work, and offering free and discounted continuing education.

Key objectives:

  • Improve website content and structure
  • Improve communication of DNA activities, programs, and volunteer opportunities
  • Increase committee and advocacy participation
    • Implement online signups for committees
    • Implement online communities of practice
    • Increase advocacy participation

Priority 2: Professional Development

Continuing education actively engages all members of the DNA community in continuous professional growth, which is designed to increase competency and innovative nursing practice. Through an environment of collegiality and collaboration, DNA members will have opportunities to increase knowledge, improve performance, and enhance professional satisfaction.

Key objectives:

  • Provide free continuing education to DNA members
  • Increase participation on the Professional Development Committee
  • Introduce ad-hoc committees in all counties to provide continuing nursing education

Priority 3: Advocacy

To meet the DNA mission of advancing nursing to improve healthcare in Delaware requires the participation of all nurses in Delaware and input from their diverse areas of practice. The IOM Future of Nursing Report discusses the importance of transforming and advancing nursing practice to improve patient care. Our members should engage legislators with the message that all nurses should be allowed to practice to the fullest extent of their education and training and for workplace standards that foster safe patient care and support the profession. DNA will work to advance these foundational principles.

Key objectives:

  • Increase participation on the Advocacy Committee
  • Improve communication of the DNA legislative agenda
  • Increase advocacy participation

Priority 4: Programs

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare workforce and all nurses matter. DNA will support nurses through professional resources that help new nurses stay in the profession, retired nurses to maintain their license, and nurses to maintain sobriety while continuing to provide safe patient care.

Key objectives:
  • Initiate a young nurse professionals’ engagement program
  • Increase awareness of the Volunteer Nurse program and participation on that committee
  • Increase awareness of the Nurse Peer Support program and participation on that committee

Priority 5: Strategic Partnerships

DNA will partner with specialty nurse organizations, student nurses associations, educational institution, hospitals, and other stakeholders to support DNA advocacy work and the lifelong learning needs of licensed practical nurses, professional registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses.

Key objectives:
  • Strengthen collaboration with specialty and student nurse organizations
  • Engage stakeholders in advocacy and educational opportunities
  • Facilitate opportunities to support licensed practical nurses in the state of Delaware

Priority 6: Association Vitality

DNA will work to strengthen DNA’s operation, programmatic infrastructure and economic stability to ensure continued success in advancing association priorities.

Key objectives:
  • Increase the number of CNE program approvals
  • Increase the number of DNA provided educational activities
  • Improve financial performance
  • Strengthen internal business processes
  • Achieve Standards of Excellence accreditation