Professional Development Committee

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"Nursing professional development is the lifelong process of active participation by nurses in learning activities that assist in developing and maintaining their continuing competence, enhance their professional practice, and support achievement of their career goals."
(ANA Scope and Standards of Practice for Nursing Professional Development, 2000)

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is the provider unit of the Delaware Nurses Association (DNA). The PDC is administratively and operationally responsible for coordinating all aspects of the continuing nursing education activities provided by DNA.


The mission of the DNA Professional Development Committee is to support learning activities that assist in the development and maintenance of continued competence, enhance professional practice, and support career goals of registered nurses.

  • Develop individual educational activities and award contact hours for registered nurses for use in fulfilling their own goals for professional development, licensure, and certification.
  • Respond to the diverse needs of the nursing population by providing continuing nursing education through partnerships with organizations that have a similar mission and goals of the Delaware Nurses Association.
Become an Educational Partner! DNA frequently partners with other organizations to provide continuing nursing education. If your organization is interested in joint providing an educational activity, please contact the DNA office.

The Professional Development Committee welcomes new members! Participating on this committee can be a very rewarding experience-work with other nurses from around the state, expand your networking base and learn the ins and outs of providing continuing nurses education. You must be a DNA member to participate. For more information, contact the DNA office at (302) 733-5880.