Due Dates/Fees

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Individual Activities
  • For activities of less than 12 contact hours, applications must be received in the DNA office 45 days prior to the presentation date or start.
  • Applications for 12 or more contact hours must be received 60 days prior to presentation or start.
Determining Approval Fee
Approval fees are determined by the TOTAL number of program contact hours under review. For example, the fee for a program with a keynote, two breakouts and two afternoon sessions (60 minutes each) would be $150 (5.0 contact hours). If the program were the same except there are no breakouts (60 minutes each), the fee would be $100 (3.0 contact hours).

Approved Provider Applications
Renewal applications for current Approved Providers must be received in the DNA office at least 8 weeks before the expiration of the current approval. If a renewal application is expected to be received in the DNA office less than 8 weeks before expiration, the Approved Provider must request an extension in writing. The fee for extension is $100 per month. Contact the DNA office regarding an extension.

New Approved Provider applicants may submit at anytime.

Late Application Fee
The application fee is doubled for all late applications. Paying a late fee does not “accelerate” the review process or guarantee approval by the scheduled activity date or Approved Provider expiration date. Late applications will only be accepted if two Nurse Peer Reviewers are available.

Individual Application Fee Schedule (effective April 9, 2014)

Number of Contact Hours Price
0.5 to 4.0 contact hours $100
4.1 up to 8.0 contact hours $150
8.1 contact hours and over
 12.1 to 20.0 contact hours $300 
 20.1 to 39.0 contact hours  $390

CE Bundling

Number of Contact Hours Price
10 contact hours $170
20 contact hours $300
30 contact hours $390

Approved Provider Fee Schedule

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Provider Fees $1,200 $1,000 $1,000

DNA will bill the Approved Provider fees over the course of the 3 year approval period.