Delaware CE Requirement for Licensure

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Referring to Title 24 Regulated Professions and Occupations, 1900 Board of Nursing, Section 9.0 Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Mandatory Continuing Education.

According to 9.1.1, the following word, when used in this regulation, should have the following meaning unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

"Biennium" means the two year period of licensure beginning in an odd numbered year and ending in the next odd numbered year for the Registered Nurse and the two year period of licensure beginning in an even-numbered year and ending in the next even numbered year for the Licensed Practical Nurse. During each biennium, each Registered Nurse must earn 30 contact hours and each Licensed Practical Nurse must earn 24 hours, to be credited to that biennium.

Required Continuing Education on Substance Abuse

The Delaware Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations requires Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses to complete continuing education (CE) on substance abuse. Starting with your next renewal, at least three of your required contact hours must be in the area of substance abuse. (Section 

The CE provider must be an “approved provider” as defined in Section 9.1.1.

You must earn the contact hours by an “approved method” listed in Section 9.3.

The specific topic may be one of your choosing. Examples of suggested topics include:
  • Chemical dependency and the workplace
  • Colleague chemical dependency
  • Warning signs of substance use disorder
  • Drug diversion